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Journal of Aquaculture Research & Development
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Influence of Feeding Frequency on Growth performance and Body Indices of Goldfish (Carrassius auratus)

Muhammad Hafeez-ur- Rehman, Khalid Javed Iqbal, Farzana Abbas, Mirza Muhammad Haroon Mushtaq, Fayyaz Rasool and Shakeela Parveen

A total of forty goldfish (Carrassius auratus) with an average weight of 20 g per fish were stocked in individual glass aquaria having 50-L water holding capacity. There were 4 experimental feeding regimens A, B, C, and D having once twice, thrice and four times per day, respectively. All the groups received Nova Aquarium Fish Food @ 2% bodyweight which was equally spaced in treatment groups. The body weight, body and caudal lengths, and girth were recorded at the start of the experiment. The trial continued for 8 weeks. Group B yielded the maximum weight gain whereas group D yielded lowest weight (P<0.05). Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) was better in Feed A and depreciated with increasing frequency (P<0.05). Caudal fin showed significant correlation with weight (+ 0.548; P<0.001) and length (- 0.792; P<0.0001). A positive correlation of dissolved oxygen (DO; P<0.001) and salinity (P<0.0001) showed with temperature. Salinity showed positive significant correlation with temperature (P<0.05). Consequently, feeding frequency twice per day is better for maximum body weight gain however better feed efficiency can be obtained at feed frequency once per day. However goldfish require genetic improvement for its rearing at commercial scale.