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Influence of Age, Education Background & Socio-Economic Background on the Usage of Female Condom in Southern Western Part of Nigeria

Adeoye, Ayodele, O 1, Oyerinde, Wole. O.2, Ola, Omolayo. O and Makinde, Bose.O

The study examined the influence of socio-economic background, age difference and educational status on the acceptability of female condom among the females in Ikenne Local Government of Ogun State. Sample consisted of three hundred females randomly selected from the local government with an average age of 34.68 and a standard deviation of 5.53. An adopted instrument titled “Female condom usage (FCU) “was used in gathering data. Three hypotheses were formulated and tested at a level of 0.05 significance. Data was analyzed with the use of Multiple Regression and Independent t-test. Results showed that, socio-economics, educational background and age grouping are statistical significant and contributed 22.8% to the usage of female condom. While socio-economic status and age were found to be best contributors to the usage of female condom and the two age grouping were not significant to the usage of condom. On the basis of these, appropriate recommendations were made.