Journal of Food Processing & Technology

Journal of Food Processing & Technology
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Indigenous Processing Methods of Cheka: A Traditional Fermented Beverage in Southwestern Ethiopia

Belay Binitu Worku, Ashagrie Zewdu Woldegiorgis and Habtamu Fekadu Gemeda

Cheka is a cereal and vegetable-based beverage which is commonly consumed in Southwestern parts of Ethiopia particularly in Dirashe and Konso. In this study, the traditional processing methods, types and proportions of ingredients, equipments, and sources of energy, economic and socio-cultural importance of cheka were described. In the study areas, maize, sorghum and vegetables such as cabbage, moringa, decne and taro were reported to be utilized for cheka preparation. Informants described the characteristics of quality cheka as thick, smooth, effervescent, foamy, and bitter in taste. The processing methods as well as the raw materials utilized and their proportions seem to vary among households, villages and localities. Since the present study was the first of its kind, flow chart which shows the processing operations involved in cheka fermentation was constructed that might be used by those who want to scale-up the cheka processing in the future. Based on the finding of this survey, it is recommended to carry out further research on the nutritional and alcoholic contents of cheka and on optimizing the processes.