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India's Population

Damor Bhavyabahen N.

The constant increase in the population lowers the qualitative level of the population by affecting all sectors of economic and social development. By accepting this fact, now developing countries have started effective measures to control the population by creating a specific policy on populations. Rapid demographic has created fear among the survival of entire humanity. For this reason, worldwide interest has been awakened in terms of controlling population. The rapidly growing population is a complex question and it involves employment, health services, transportation facilities, education, living, industrialization, farm production and per capita income, quality of life. In 1976, the government clearly announced new demographic results. In 1976, the Government of India published an Official Statement on Population and it was given importance to bring the family planning program up to take birth rate low in the country. The population of 2000 emphasized the need to freeze the population. In the present article, the flow of demographic growth in India, what is the population of the country during the year? , The initial population and the population of 1976 are mentioned.