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Impact of High Elevated CO2 on Growth and Total Leaf Soluble Protein Content in Arachis Hypozeae (L)

Sreenivasulu M. & Damodharam T.

Increasing atmospheric CO2 concentration has led to concerns about global changes to the environment. One area of global change that has not been fully addressed is the effect of elevated atmospheric CO2 on agriculture production inputs. Groundnut is a very important edible oilseed crop raised mostly under rainfed situations worldwide. This experiment was conducted to evaluate the effects of normal CO2 level and elevated concentration by the raised in open top chamber with different concentrations of CO2 levels (200ppm, 400ppm, 600ppm,) on Arachis hypozeae (L) to investigate the various physiological growth changes (growth of root, shoot leangth) and total leaf soluble protein content was measured at days of 5th, 10th, and 15th intervals. The results showed that in Arachis hypozeae (L) the CO2 elevation may enhance higher root, shoot and leaf soluble protein content was significantly increased with increase in concentration of the CO2.

Published Date: 2015-07-27;