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Journal of Aquaculture Research & Development
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Impact of Formulated Diets on the Growth and Survival of Ornamental Fish Pterophyllum Scalare (Angel Fish)

A. Hyder Ali, A. Jawahar Ali, M. Saiyad Musthafa, M.S. Arun Kumar, Mohamed Saquib Naveed, Mehrajuddin War and K. Altaff

A feeding trail was conducted on juvenile of angel fish Pterophyllum scalare to investigate the effect of three different diets such as animal based protein, plant based protein and mixed protein on growth and survival rate of the fish. Juvenile Pterophyllum scalare were divided into three groups, fed with three different protein based diets along with control group. Before the feeding trail, the initial length and weight were measured. During the 4 weeks of experiment, fish were fed 3% body weight at a daily rate. The findings of the present study indicated that the growth and survival rate of angel fish Pterophyllum scalare varied significantly (P<0.05) with different protein based diets compared with control fish group. Fish fed with animal based protein diet showed better growth performance in terms of length and weight (19.3 ± 0.72 mm and 0.13 ± 0.01 mg) respectively and better survival rate (92%) than those fed with other protein diets (P<0.05). The fish fed with mixed protein diet showed higher specific growth rate (0.43%) than other diets provided. This study clearly demonstrates that animal based protein diet can be used as formulated feed for angel fish without any adverse effect on fish growth.