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Journal of Aquaculture Research & Development
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Impact of Environmental Degradation on Livelihoods in the Coastal Areas of South West Nigeria

Joy Oluwatomi Jiboye*, Christopher Ogolo Ikporukpo and Charles Olufisayo Olatubara

Various forms of environmental degradation in the coastal areas have affected the livelihoods of coastal
inhabitants. The aim of this study is to examine the impact of environmental degradation on livelihoods in the
coastal areas of southwest Nigeria putting into consideration the various ecological zones in which the surveyed
communities within the study area are located. Primary and secondary data were collected, and then descriptive,
inferential as well as cartographic analysis was used in interpreting the data. Result shows that flooding is the main
environmental problem that affects the livelihoods of inhabitants in the three ecological zones. There is a spatial
variation in the impact of environmental degradation on the livelihoods of people over space (p<0.05). However,
environmental degradation has no impact on livelihood on the coastal inhabitants within the mangrove ecological
zone (p>0.05). The study concludes that the downturns in livelihoods arise from the degradation of the environment.