Journal of Neonatal Biology

Journal of Neonatal Biology
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Hypertension in Neonates: Need for Future Research

Deepak Sharma

Hypertension in neonatal is labelled when as blood pressure (BP) is above 2 standard deviation or >95th percentile over the mean of systolic and/or diastolic BP in similar neonate with respect to post-menstrual age, post-natal age and weight. It is an infrequently seen and rarely reported entity in NICU. Presently there are no normogram in neonatal population for BP when compared to pediatric and adult population. It is usually diagnosed during routine BP monitoring but needs timely identification and treatment, with Malignant HT needing urgent treatment, otherwise delay in management can lead to end organ dysfunction and poor long term neonatal outcomes. There are no evidence based guidelines for treatment HT and present treatment guidelines are consensus based. This review article tries to covers all aspects of neonatal hypertension.