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Hypertension and Lipid Profile of Patients of DG Khan District

Ayaz Ahamad

During this study one hundred participants were enclosed with average age ± Coyote State of fifty 0 ± 5.91 years. The mean SBP and DBP were 137.5 ± 9.61 mmHg and ninety-four 5 ± 8.7 mmHg, severally. The mean TC, HDL, and low-density lipoprotein were lower for females as compared to males, that was statistically important (P and lt; 0.05). The mean age ± Coyote State of hypertensive patients and traditional were fifty 00 ± 4.06 and 35.4 ± 3.52 years, severally. Humour levels of TC, TG, and low-density lipoprotein were 238.3 ± 3.4, 178.3 ± 6.3, and 151.3 ± 7.8 mg/dL, severally, in hypertensive subjects whereas in traditional subjects, they were 187 ± 6.2, 141.5 ± 11.2, and 110.3 ± 6.3 mg/dL, severally, that were considerably higher in hypertensive patients (P and lt; 0.001). The humour HDL was considerably lower (P and lt; 0.001) in hypertensive patients (41.2 ± 3.2 mg/dL) than in normotensive subjects (44.3 ± 5.6 mg/dL). The mean SBPs of hypertensives and normotensives were 146.8 ± 8.5 mmHg versus 119.2 ± 9.3 mmHg, severally, and mean DBPs were ninety-eight 9 ± 7.3 mmHg versus eighty-four 9 ± 5.3 mmHg, severally. The mean SBP and DBP of hypertensives were beyond those of normotensives (P and lt; 0.001). Age, WC, and BMI showed important association with hypertensive patients (P and lt;0.001) however not with traditional subjects. This study was conducted in DG Khan patients showed that the foremost rife abnormality in adults, aged 20-69 years, was cholesterin below zero 9 mmol/L (46.2% for men and twenty-eight 7% for women). Hypertriglyceridemia (and gt; 2.26 mmol/L) was the second most rife abnormality (24.3%). Increased LDL (≥ 4.21 mmol/L) was ascertained in eleven 2% of the sample. Half the hyper triglyceridemic subjects had a mixed dyslipidemia or low cholesterin. Over five hundredth of the low HDL cases weren't involving hypertriglyceridemia. The Survey of HDL measured lipids and different vessel risk factors in non diabetic patients undergoing treatment for dyslipidemia in DG Khan and showed that diabetic patients had lower HDL (1.22 ± 0.37 mmol/L versus one.35 ± 0.44 mmol/L, and nbsp; P and lt;0.001) and better TG (2.32 ± 2.10 mmol/L versus one.85 ± 1.60 mmol/L, and nbsp; P and lt; 0.001) than nondiabetic patients. When a diabetic compared to nondiabetic patients had low HDL (45% versus half-hour, severally), high TG (≥ 1.7 mmol/L; fifty-seven versus forty-second, severally), or each (32% versus a hundred and ninetieth, severally). HDL and lt 0.9 mmol/L was found in eighteen of diabetic and 12-tone system of nondiabetic subjects. Previous studies showed the high rate of CVD mortality among South-East Asian compared to the remainder of the planet which majority of CVD deaths occur below the age of seventy and nbsp a good vary of risk factors for CVD has been studied in DG Khan, however few studies have measured the association of CVD risk with cardiovascular disease and macromolecule profile. A study in rural areas of DG Khan according that the prevalence of “high” TC concentration (and gt; 240 mg/dL or and gt; 6.2 mmol/L) is regarding 17 November, “high” LDL (≥ 160 mg/dL or ≥ 4.2 mmol/L) is regarding two%, and “low” HDL (and lt; 40 mg/dL or and lt; 1.04 mmol/L) is regarding sixty seven.

Published Date: 2018-04-18; Received Date: 2018-03-31