Journal of Vaccines & Vaccination

Journal of Vaccines & Vaccination
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ISSN: 2157-7560


Human Papilloma Virus Vaccine Access and Use?The First Three Years After Introduction

Mungrue K*, Abraham R, Ahow K, Elder R

Objective: The aim of this study is to measure the proportion of children aged 9-26 years who have received at least one HPV and the required three vaccination in Trinidad and parental awareness and attitude towards the HPVvaccine.

Design and methods: We used a cross-sectional prospective study design. The population consisted of all parents 18 years and over with at least one live birth attending a paediatric out-patient clinic at three teaching hospitals associated with the University of the West Indies. A de novo questionnaire was designed and administered to all participants.

Results: We report three key findings: 1) parents with children eligible for the HPV vaccine overall knowledge of HPV as well as the vaccine was low, 2) very few parents understood the types and nature of the vaccine and 3) there was a law uptake particularly in the school-based program.

Conclusion: We provide evidence on parental barriers to the HPV vaccination program introduced in 2013 as well as the current uptake of the vaccine.

Published Date: 2019-01-25; Received Date: 2018-09-15