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History, Science and the Social Sciences: The Relationship of Humanities to Other Knowledge Domain

Ogunniyi Olayemi Jacob and Atoyebi Solomon Adebayo

History is about people in society, their actions and interactions, their beliefs and prejudices, their pasts and presents. `People in society' mean people as individuals, groups, institutions, communities, states and nations. History is to society what remembered experienced is to an individual, which was further seen as `a social necessity'. Historians turn to the social sciences for insight into behaviour, making history to be a vigorous evolving discipline able to absorb the best of both scientific and humanistic thought. Further afield, history provides imaginative range apart from being an inventory of assets. Similarly, history puts into consideration the way societies have changed through a period of time including the significant continuities ideas and values which exist that are important to the society. However, the study of history traditionally, develops particular historical understanding of the importance of humanities as a subject matter of human behaviour bringing about a precedent and prediction. This paper therefore made use of secondary sources to gather information on the relationship and interaction of history with other disciplines such as science and social sciences and show how historians cut through the diversity of experience and behaviour that characterize human activity and to make judgments as to why people are likely to have behaved as they did.