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Journal of Thrombosis and Circulation: Open Access
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Hemostasis Status of Some Female Students Before and After Menstruation

Allagoa DO, Eledo BO, Okoro MO and Izah SC

This study investigated the effect of menstruation on prothrombin time, activated partial thromboplastin time and platelet counts of some female students from a tertiary educational institution in Nigeria. A total of 50 women between 18-27 years of age participated in this study. Blood samples were collected from the participants prior to menstruation and after menstruation. The blood samples were analyzed using standard procedures i.e. Hemostatic Indicators Procedure. Results showed before and after menstruation were in the range of 11-19 sec (mean 14.84 ± 1.63 sec) and 12-17 sec (14.94 ± 1.12 sec) respectively for prothrombin time, 30-49 sec (mean 36.90 ± 4.27 sec) and 32.00-47.00 (mean 36.45 ± 3.64 sec), respectively for activated partial thromboplastin time, and 116-326×109/L (mean 243.36 ± 38.72×109/L) and 249-419×109/L (mean 331.73 ± 36.82×109/L) for platelets. Statistically, there was no significant variations (P>0.05) in pre and post menstruation for prothrombin time and activated partial thromboplastic time, and significant difference (P>0.001) exits for platelets counts during pre and post menstruation. No significant variation suggests no risk of hypercoagulability or coagulopathy; while platelets values before and after menstruation suggest no risk of thrombocytosis among the age grade under study.