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Global Journal of Biology, Agriculture & Health Sciences
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Heat Resistance of Conifers in Absheron Conditions and Their Physiological Sustainable Aspects

H.H.Asadov, V.M.Novruzov, R.H.Khalilov, I.B Mirjalally, R.R.Efendiyeva5

This article describes the possible mechanisms of resistance of conifers to high ambient temperature of overheating. It is shown that the variation of total nitrogen and the amount of carbohydrates in needles, the plants under the influence of heat stress can be used for diagnostic purposes in the introduction and planting in Absheron Peninsula. The impacts of high temperature have shown on the heat resistance of conifers. It is found that the high temperature (35-40C) has a negative effect on nitrogen metabolism, in particular on the content of total nitrogen. The increase in the number of total nitrogen is due to protein breakdown and accumulation of ammonia nitrogen, which has detrimental effect on the plants, accelerated respiration rate. Accumulation of ammonia nitrogen has degraded the cell walls of conifer needles and occurs to their droughts, followed to falling up needles early.

Published Date: 2015-07-02;