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Journal of Aquaculture Research & Development
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Growth, Metabolic and Physiological Response of Juvenile Cheraxquadricarinatus Fed Different Available Nutritional Substrates

Diana Carreño-León, Ilie Racotta-Dimitrov, Ramón Casillas-Hernández, Armando Monge-Quevedo, Lucía Ocampo-Victoria, José Naranjo-Páramo and Humberto Villarreal

There are many factors in intensive culture conditions which vary the physiological response of organisms in
culture affecting performance such as growth, metabolic levels in blood, respiratory metabolism and the inflection point of dissolved oxygen concentration. The study was conducted under high density culture conditions with multitrophic systems. Results show that the species can tolerate intensive culture conditions without affecting their growth and survival and has the ability to leverage multiple food sources. This work also shows that Cheraxquadricarinatus has the ability to maintain a low routine metabolic rate, is highly tolerant to limited dissolved oxygen conditions and thus uses energy efficiently. The metabolic rate in juvenile C. quadricarinatus was 0.07 ± 0.003 mg O2/g/h while the critical level of oxygenconcentration, when the organism passes from regulator to conformer is 0.483 ± 0.002 mg O2/L. This is significantly lower than previously reported for cultured decapod species.