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Governance – Why Gender Matters?

Alina Parbtani and Dr. Jean-Claude Garcia-Zamor

In the United States of America and other countries around the world, the evidence of women in governance positions in highly underrepresented. This is due to many factors which are discussed throughout the paper. Previous research shows that even though this world is generating great talent in the form of female graduates, these graduates are not reaching top positions in their workplace compared to their male counterparts, and even if they do reach those leadership positions, females do not necessarily stay there due to several reasons. A review of relevant literature indicates that women have a fresh and unique perspective and leadership style, yet they do not occupy top level positions in their companies. Also, there is evidence of success when women are in governance positions. The policy recommendations and implications provided can assist our nation in retaining the impressive talent we garner and ensure that gender diversity is apparent at different levels of the organizations. The conclusion points to the importance of women in governance, as well as the need for innovative ways to further engage the female population in leadership roles.