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Journal of Aquaculture Research & Development
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Giant Freshwater Prawn Macrobrachium rosenbergii Farming: A Review on its Current Status and Prospective in Malaysia

Rubia Banu and Annie Christianus

In Malaysia, the giant freshwater prawn Macrobrachium rosenbergii is becoming an increasingly important targeted species, as its culture, is considered to have the potential to raise income among impoverished farmers. Although, total freshwater aquaculture production decreased in the year 2013 compared to previous year, the aquaculture production of M. rosenbergii increased from 318 tonnes in 2012 to 457 tonnes in 2013. Recently, the production of giant freshwater fries increased from the three government and 21 private hatcheries in 2012 to the four government and 19 private hatcheries in 2013. The number and production of feed mills increased in 2013 compared to the four years ago. Until recently, lack of a stable nursery of PL and feed had been an important obstacle to the further expansion and development of M. rosenbergii culture. This paper reviews the current status of freshwater prawn culture in Malaysia and background history, and future prospects of freshwater prawn farming. It was concluded that freshwater prawn farming in Malaysia has a favorable scenario for expansion due to increasing demand and to prospects of an improved organization of the productive chain.