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Gender Dynamics in Climate Change Adaptation Strategies with Particular Focus on Goromonzi District, Mashonaland East Province, Zimbabwe

Eric S.M.S. Makura, Angeline Ndabaningi and Elizabeth Chikwiri

This study assessed gender dynamics in climate change adaptation strategies in Goromonzi District, Zimbabwe. Relevant literature was critically analysed, and existing models and approaches on gender and climate change were appraised. The study used the Mixed-Methods Approach. The findings showed that available environmental, financial, and support mechanisms had limited adaptation strategies for the disadvantaged rural women. The study found that climate change adaptation strategies in the area were dominated by men. The study established that women tend to concentrate on farming, while men appeared to focus on better livelihood options when they are natural disasters caused by climate change. It found that men appeared to be more daring in embarking on adaptation strategies irrespective of associated risks than women. The study, therefore, submits that community survival strategies adopted by male and female ruralites in the era of interminable climate change are rather varied, complex, and dynamic.