Review of Public Administration and Management

Review of Public Administration and Management
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Framework of Sustainable Research Collaborations in Philippine Universities: A Case Study

Moises Cansana Torrentira

The study was conducted to identify dimensions that sustain research collaborations between universities and industries and government agencies in the Philippines. As a case study, a total of twenty-five participants including regional directors of national government agencies, local government unit heads, managing heads of business chambers, research heads, deans and presidents and vice-presidents of state universities and colleges in Davao Region, Southeastern Philippines served as key informants. The gathered data was processed using INVIVO qualitative software and thematic content analysis. The study found out that there is a growing evidence that universities, industries, and government agencies increasingly rely on each other to carry out research. When sectors collaborate in research, they effectively contribute to economic growth. Hence, in order to sustain successful research collaborations, the following dimensions were culled out from the study: First, typologies of research collaboration include capability-building, management partnership, institutional partnership, and reinforcement. Second, collaborative governance is necessitated through personal relation, establishing rapport, and transparency. Third, collaborative leadership is strengthened by political leadership, micro-leadership, and leadership by character. Fourth, collaborative research agenda setting where stakeholders and their thrusts and priorities must be involved should be considered. Fifth, research collaboration is sustained by the university’s provision of collaborative research enabling resources. Sixth, the university faculty’s motivation fosters collaborative research. And finally, strategic actions were formulated to ensure the sustainability of research collaborations. The study concluded with the development of a framework showing the dimensions for the sustainability of research collaborations in Philippine universities.