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Formation Criteria of Evidence Base of Journalism of News

Maria Komova

On a factual principle of information presentation is based a kind of journalistic work - journalism of news. Study the news as a phenomenon, having the key importance in reflecting changes in information reality, there are three approaches: the structural and semiotic, sociological, subjective and functional. Any fact may be a factual basis for the news, which is formed with the help of two components: the existence of any fact as a manifestation of the variability and diversity of objective reality and the public need to be informed about changes in the world. Framing, used at international and national levels, is a vivid example of application of modern principles of selection and evaluation of the facts, based on the capabilities of communications equipment. International level of framing is implemented to disseminate international news facts in different areas of the world. News facts are exposed to conceptual structural framing in accordance with the interests of politics, economics and international relations. Glocalization determines the specific of perception of facts of international life and its framing in the specific conditions of the state, defining by the prevailing circumstances existing in this state. Framing in the process of globalization and glocalization appears as a powerful tool for shaping public opinion using the latest multimedia information technologies that can not only inform people about events, but also to influence their feelings through the way of creative selection and multifaceted virtualization of images of reality and hide them.