Forensic Psychology: Are Some People More Prone To Commit Crime than Others | Abstract
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Journal of Forensic Psychology
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Forensic Psychology: Are Some People More Prone To Commit Crime than Others

Nikita Sharma

This research paper talks about the relationship and connection between law and psychology, what is psychology and how it is connected with legal field. This research also introduces the new emerging field of psychology that deals with legal areas known as forensic psychology. The goal is to contemplate the string between reasons for crime and the outlook of people carrying out these wrongdoings. The normal reaction to wrongdoing has consistently been vengeance, to make the guilty party feel the specific route as the person in question or his family has endured. Because of improvement of first laws and codes it has been seen that a wrongdoing submitted not just has an interpretation of casualty's life yet additionally on the guilty party's life. The paper also talks about the Indian aspect of forensic psychology and how much it is present in India. The aim of this study is to know whether crime prone people are there or not and what are the causes behind their committing crime and how do crime prone people behavior is different than of others, which can be seen in the research paper that there are some of the factors which make people commit crimes and psychology of criminals can also be studied in the research paper

Published Date: 2020-06-11; Received Date: 2020-05-26