Journal of Food Processing & Technology

Journal of Food Processing & Technology
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Extruded Pet Food Development from Meat Byproducts using Extrusion Processing and its Quality Evaluation

Javeed Akhtar and Mohd Ali Khan

The studies were carried out to development and quality evaluation of extruded pet food by utilization of buffalo meat byproducts like livers, trims and agro wastes namely sorghum, oat and corn flour. The quality of the extruded pet food was evaluated on the basis of qualities characteristics namely pH, fat content, protein content, ash content, and TBA number. Protein content and fat content of fresh pet food were found in the following ranges 15.84% and 10.64% respectively. The pH of extruded pet food was significantly decreased. The ash content, TBA number and pH content were 2.43%, 0.605 mg/kg and 6.29% in fresh condition. During ambient storage pH values was found to decrease consistently. Protein content was found to decrease significantly. The Sorghum, oat and corn flour incorporation, significantly affected on quality of extruded pet food samples.