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Evaluation of Secondary Metabolites and Determination of Antioxidant Activity of Indigofera Trita

V. Ramamurthy & M. Sathiyadevi

To quantify the major secondary metabolites and the antioxidant potential of methanolic extract of Indigofera trita. The methanolic whole plant extract of Indigofera trita (MIT) was analaysed by HPLC and GC to determine various Phytochemicals. Free radicals scavenging activity of extract by using DPPH, NO and Super oxide radicals generated in vitro. The Methanolic extract of I. trita was found to contain alkaloids (1.55gm/gm), terpenoids (0.98mg/gm), phenols (6.27mg/gm) and flavonoids (1.007mg/gm). The major flavonoid detected was quercetin and rutin. The MIT was found to possess significant radical scavenging activity against DPPH, No and superoxide anions the IC50 value of 52.0 µg/ml, 52.0µg/ml and 52.6µg/ml respectively and comparable to that of their corresponding IC50 value. The medicinal property of Indigofera trita may be attributed to the presence of Flavonoids and phenolic compounds with rich antioxidant potential. The therapeutic effect of this plant may be accounted for its counteracting action on free radicals in vivo.

Published Date: 2015-06-30;