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Estimation of Bamboo Leaf Ash Waste as Partially Substitution in Ceramic Electrical Insulator

Shanmugam Marimuthu, G Sivakumar and K Mohanraj

In the fabrication of ceramic electrical insulator partial substitution of quartz by bamboo leaf ash by an industrial route. The overall goal of this work is to utilize the waste material in the ceramic formulation and enhances the physical properties such as bulk density, water absorption, porosity, shrinkage. The mechanical strength values of the standard ceramic insulator and 5% bamboo leaf ash (BLA) blended specimens are 2.48 and 3.12 MPa. This result confirms that the BLA waste act as a filler in a blended ceramic insulator. The fracture surface of the specimen was analyzed through Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM). Quartz phase and mullite formation were determined by X-ray diffraction (XRD). The electrical insulating property of the fabricated blended ceramic insulator was safe for use with a maximum of 5000 V evaluated. Dielectric breakdown strength is correlated with the flashover voltage. Thus, BLA waste is a suitable material for the production of the ceramic electrical insulator.