Global Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences
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Environmental Stress and Changes in Anxiety Score and Reaction Time: A Comparative Study among Day Scholars and Hostilities in First Year Mbbs Students

Dr. Reena Kaur Ruprai, Dr, Prathamesh Kamble and Dr. Manisha Kurwale

Medical students often experience different stresses which may affect their emotional, psychosocial and physical health. A study of anxiety score, auditory reaction time (ART) and visual reaction time (VRT) was carried out on 160 medical students, which were divided into two groups; day scholars (60) and hostilities (100). A statistically significant high anxiety score was seen in hostilities in comparison to day scholars (p<0.0001). Similarly prolonged ART and VRT were found in hostilities. From this baseline study we come to a conclusion that medical students face stress at the time of entering their new curriculum, therefore timely counseling and preventive mental health services integrated with other creative and extracurricular activities should be intervened.