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Enhanced Appreciation and Understanding of Chemical Equations through Simple Teaching Methods: An Experimental Study

Dr. S. Chamundeswari and N.V. Meera Bai

The present study envisages learning and understanding of chemical equations among students through simple teaching methods in classrooms. Experimental method of investigation is designed on the basis of the problem, assumption and hypotheses formulated and it also warrants a psychometrically sound design, procedure, tools and execution. This experimental study was conducted in two classes of standard XI for a period of 30 days. One section of 30 students, called control group was taught by traditional method and the other section of 32 students, called experimental group was taught by simple methods. The results of the statistical analyses show a significant difference between experimental and control group students pertaining to academic achievement in Chemistry. The gain scores of students in experimental group pertaining to academic achievement in Chemistry are found to be significantly higher than the students in control group.