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Myroides gitamensis Sp. Nov., L-Asparaginase Producing Bacteria Isolated From Slaughter House Soil Sample in Visakhapatnam, India

VSSL Prasad Talluri, Bhavana M, Siva Kumar K, Anil Kumar P and Rajagopal SV

A novel strain designated as BSH-3T was isolated from the slaughter house soil sample in Visakhapatnam, India. Cells of this strain are Gram-negative, aerobic, yellowish, rod shaped, non-motile and non-spore forming bacteria. This isolate was observed to grow optimally at 30°C and pH 7.0. It requires 1- 6% (w/v) NaCl for its growth. Phylogenetic analysis based on 16S rRNA gene sequence revealed that the strain BSH-3T belongs to the genus Myroides and is closely related to Myroides odoratimimus (98.4 %). However, DNA-DNA hybridization with M. odoratimimus JCM 7460T showed a relatedness of 48.2% with respect to strain BSH-3T. The major cellular fatty acids identified were iso-C15:0 and iso-C17:0 3-OH and summed feature 3 (comprising iso-C15:0 2OH and/or C16:1ω7c).The polar lipids of the strain BSH-3T were phospholipids, aminolipids and phosphatidyl ethanolamine. The G + C content of the genomic DNA was determined to be 33.8 mol%. The enzyme production was carried out by submerged fermentation and the maximum enzyme activity was 85.7 IU/gds showed by 24 hrs BSH-3T culture at 37°C. Based on the morphological, phenotypic characteristics, phylogenetic inference and chemotaxonomic studies, strain BSH- 3T is proposed as a novel species Myroides gitamensis sp.nov. in the genus Myroides. The type strain is BSH-3T (= MTCC 11601T = BCC 64301T = MCC 2182T). The GenBank/ EMBL / DDBJ accession number for the 16S rRNA gene sequence of strain BSH-3T is HF571338.