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Biology and Medicine
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Emerging trends in oral health profession: The molecular dentistry

Sandhya Maheshwari, Sanjeev K Verma, Mohd. Tariq, Prabhat KC, Shailendra Kumar

Oral health practice has now entered the era of "evidence based dentistry," characterized by an increasing societal belief around the world that clinical practice should be based on scientific information. Molecular dentistry, the human genome project, transcriptomes and proteomes have recently opened vast opportunities for translation of basic science discoveries to oral health care at the chairside and bedside through the intermediary process of clinical research. Multiple factors and processes contribute to the response of dental treatment. Understanding of the interaction between genetic and environmental factors (including treatment) that influence the treatment response of our patient will be fundamental to the practice of personalized Orthodontics. Curiosity and innovations have been known and appreciated for thousands of years, from basic discovery through clinical applications influencing and improving standards of oral health care, but these have not received sufficient emphasis until recently