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Effects of Polymicrobial Bioinoculant on Yield, Quality and In Situ Digestibility of Sorghum Sudangrass in South Mississippi

Rivera JD, Lemus RW, Gipson ML and Gipson RG

Sorghum-Sudangrass was used in randomized complete block to test the effects of a bio-inoculant (BI) and nitrogen (N) application on dry matter (DM) yield determination and forage quality parameters (CP, TDN, ADF, NDF Ca, and P) and 72 h in situ digestibility at two harvest periods (H1 and H2). No effects of BI or N (P>0.05) were noted in any of the quality, yield or digestibility variables. An effect of H was noted in all quality, DM yield and digestibility data (P