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Biology and Medicine
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Effects of honey on the histology of liver in adult Wistar rats

*Wilson JI, George BO, Umukoro GE

Honey, containing mainly fructose and glucose, is either taken as curative agent or substitute for refined sugar, yet its chronic effect on liver morphology has not been reported. This study reports an investigation into the histological changes in adult Wistar rats exposed to chronic consumption of honey. Twenty adult Wistar rats (170 - 200 grams) were divided into four groups of five rats each. The rats were fed daily with 0%, 20%, 30%, and 40% of honey mixed with 100, 80, 70 and 60 grams of animal chow in groups I, II, III and IV respectively for eight weeks. Histological analysis of the liver showed distortion of the radial arrangement of the sinusoids, hepatic necrosis and desquamated wall of the central vein in the treated groups, while the control rats appeared normal. The damage noticed was dose-dependent. Chronic consumption of honey may increase the risk of hepatic damage.