Journal of Food Processing & Technology

Journal of Food Processing & Technology
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Effect of Preservatives and Storage Temperatures on the Quality of Mango Slices Dipped in Sugar Solution

Khush Bakht Mir, Aysha Riaz, Irfan Ullah, Sajid Hussain and Naeem Ullah

This research was carried out to develop mango slices with the addition of different chemical preservatives with enhanced physicochemical sensory and storage properties at two different temperatures (Room and refrigeration). The treatments with different Chemical preservatives were prepared and were observed for different physiochemical & sensory properties at 15 days interval for 90 days. Results showed significant increase in TSS (20.72 to 20.20 0brix); Titratable acidity (1.18% to 1.48%); and Reducing sugar (7.57% to 11.65%), while a significant decrease in pH (4.43 to 3.21); Ascorbic acid (30.41 to 20.01 mg/100 g); Sugar Acid ratio (18.17 to 14.64); Non reducing sugar (9.56% to 7.72%) color (8.51 to 7.72); Flavor (8.60 to 4.59) and Overall acceptability (8.525 to 4.40). Throughout storage interval, it was observed that Treatment MS7 (40% sugar solution+0.3% citric acid+Refrigeration temperature+0.1% KMS+Mango slices) was acceptable physicochemically and organoleptically, and we recommend it for commercial use.