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Effect of NOx Elimination on Electricity Price, Fish Production, GDP and Protection of Global Warming

Shoichiro Ozaki

Much NOx is produced when fossil is burned. Many governments set up the law to eliminate NOx, by the reason NOx is pollution gas and not good for health. And also Drainage NP are eliminated. Some other many governments are welcoming NOx as fertilizer for plant and encouraged the use of NOx and Drainage NP for plankton growth and getting many fish. I could find the data that how much NOx is eliminated at 11 countries. The countries who do not do NOx elimination and do not do NP elimination are getting many fish, fixing much CO2 and electricity price is low and producing many product and increasing GDP. The country who do NOx elimination is decreasing fish production and increasing CO2 emission, promoting global warming and electricity price is high and GDP growth rate is low. Therefore NOx elimination and Drainage NP elimination should be stopped for the promotion of CO2 assimilation, for the production of grain and fish, and for the elevation of GDP growth rate.