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Effect of Fertilizer Levels and Planting Geometry on Growth and Seed Yield of Single Cross Maize Hybrid NAH-2049 (Nithyashree)

D.B. Jithendra, G.V. Basvaraju, G.Sarika & N.Amrutha

The field experiment was conducted at National Seed Project, GKVK Campus, UAS, Bangalore during Kharif 2011 to assess the response of fertilizer treatments and Planting Geometry on growth and yield of single cross maize hybrid NAH-2049. Experimental data revealed that fertilizer application at 225:112.5:60 NPK kg ha-1+ ZnSO4 @ 10 kg ha-1+ Boron spray (1%) + A. chroococcum+B. megaterium+ G. fasiculatum recorded significantly higher plant height and number leaves at 90 DAS in both male and female parent (134.90 and 152.80 cm) (11.98 and 12.95 respectivly), cob weight (135.40 g) and hybrid seed yield (3237.65 kg ha-1) superior over other fertilizer treatments. Among the planting geometry higher hybrid seed yield (2836.90 kg ha-1) was recorded in 75 X 30 cm planting geometry compared to 60 X 30 cm (2765.09 kg ha-1). Growth and yield attributes of female parent (SKV 50) viz., number of leaves per plant (13.30), days to 50% tasseling and silking (45.33 and 46.67) and pith weight (34.27 g) was observed in fertilizer application @ 225:112.5:60 NPK kg ha-1 +10 kg ZnSO4+ Boron spray (1%) + A. chroococcum+B. megaterium+ G. fasiculatum with planting geometry of 75 X 30 cm.