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Economic Situation as an Opportunity to Examine School Management Innovation Readiness during Social Change

Sandra Rone and Māra Vidnere

The article presents professional challenges of school managers and teacher readiness to solve problems innovatively during social change. The central part of the article aims to investigate challenges faced by school management, main teacher social tasks and factors which differentiate teachers from working parents. Materials and Methods- Initially 230 school leaders (10 principals and 220 deputy principals) were interviewed to establish personal psychological resources most essential for teachers during a time of change. The qualitative method, i.e., focused interviews, was used to investigate current managerial and professional problems of school management. Next, a social questionnaire for teachers was developed to investigate the main aims of education and personal qualities required to reach these aims. According to the findings, the qualities most required are responsibility, freedom and independence. Furthermore, a Likert scale was used to assess a sense of responsibility, freedom, and independence at work of 110 teachers and 84 working parents. The results indicated the following: although teacher wages are below the average salary level in the country, teachers exhibit a higher level of the aforementioned professional qualities compared to working parents. Thus we can draw a conclusion that, in spite of the remuneration, teachers have a stronger sense of professional mission, vision and belonging, and strengthen their professional identity through work experience. Results- While analyzing challenges faced by school management, the internal and external circumstances arisendue to social changes were identified. A comparison of teacher social attitudes and those of working parents established that teachers are more socially responsible than working parents. Conclusions- The article states and studies the challenges, and proposes definite solutions to these problems.