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Journal of Aquaculture Research & Development
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EA Preliminary Study on Domestication of Bluespotted Snakehead (Channa Lucius, Channidae) in Concrete Tank

Azrita, Yuneidi Basri and Hafrijal Syandri

This study aim to gain insight into the domestication of Channa lucius female kept in a concrete tank as much as four plots of each size 200×200×75 cm. C. lucius each concrete tank maintained by four females with an average weight of 300 ± 20 g/individual and four males with an average weight of 500 ± 50 g/individual. Treatment in this experiment consisted of four groups are control group (injection 0.9 NaCl) and exposed to 100 μg/kg body weight, 150 μg/kg body weight and 200 μg/kg body weight of LHRHa hormone preparations. Dose level best to increase the reproductive potential of C. lucius was 200 μg/kg body weight with time reaching a matured gonads 62 ± 12 days, fecundity was 2,617 ± 250 eggs/spaw, egg diameter 1.87 ± 0.02 mm, the survival embryo 85.92 ± 0.52% and hatching rate 82.41 ± 0.60%. Dose level of LHRHa was significantly (p<0.05) with time mature gonadal, fecundity and eggs diameter. Whereas hatching rate and embryo survival not significantly (p>0.05) between treatments, but significantly (p<0.05) different from the control group.