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Oral Health and Dental Management
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Dysphagia as the Only Symptom in Submandibular Gland Sialolithiasis: A Case Report

Rie Hirai Araie, Hidetaka Kinoshita, Rie Makihara, Megumi Yoshioka, Toshiyuki Ogasawara

Sialoliths are a common occurrence in salivary glands. Here, we report a case of a giant submandibular gland sialolith in a patient
presented with dysphagia as the only symptom. The sialolith measured 24 mm in length and weighed 4.7 g. A preoperative
computed tomography scan revealed displacement of the hyoid bone at rest position on the non-affected side. The right
submandibular gland that contained the sialolith was extirpated under general anesthesia, following which, the symptoms of
dysphagia were resolved. However, no improvement in displacement was noted postoperatively. Dysphagia may have occurred due
to disturbances in hyoid bone movements caused by the large sialolith. The absence of any changes in the position of the displaced
bone at rest after removal of the sialolith may be attributed to the fixation of the bone in the underlying tissues due to the long-term
existence of the sialolith.

Published Date: 2019-06-30;