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Dominance Learning Styles on Adhd Student Learning Behaviors in Secondary School

Mohd Zuri Ghani, Roshiza Abdul Wahab and Wan Sharipahmira Mohd Zain

Special education is a comprehensive and systematic education field, mainly through out the teaching and learning activities . Whereas, learning is a process to acquire knowledge , skills and behavioral changes. This fact explains the importance of efforts to improve the quality of teaching and student learning in Special Education . In order to achieve this goal , the process of teaching and learning should match the learning style of the student. Therefore, this study aimed to identify the learning style items that dominate the behavior of learning in ADHD students in secondary schools . This study involved the observation method and interviews. Based on the analysis of the observational study of eight ADHD students, clearly shows that the elements of learning styles have been dominating the behavior patterns of students learning in ADHD are highly consistent and interrelated.The learning behavior patterns are a reflection of learning style elements that integrated into the teaching and learning activities . In addition, ADHD students also were more likely to show positive behavior of learning when teachers give special attention, focused instructions, repetitive commands and gestures when teachers review students' activities . However , the findings of the analysis of interviews on Special Education teachers also showed ADHD student learning behavior is dominated by elements of learning style. Overall, ADHD students learning styles is multidimensional in nature , interconnected, interdependent with each other consistently dominated the students' learning behavior .