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Does the Facebook have Effectiveness on Education of Iranian Students?

Zeighami Somayeh, Azari Abbas

Aim: Considering the lack of studies on social networking websites in Iran, this study aimed to assess the effectiveness of Facebook in training of tooth preparation to dental students. Methods: 78 students of preclinical course divided into two groups of control and intervention. The control group (n=42) was educated at first and by traditional method. Following the control group, intervention group (n=36) received instruction via the Facebook as an adjunct. Students in the intervention group were acquainted with a page in Facebook posting educational topics for instruction of tooth preparation. After finishing of tooth preparation period, students of two groups participated in tooth preparation test. The quality of tooth preparation was scored according to a checklist with maximum total score of 20; and compared between the two groups of intervention and control. Statistical analysis done by three strategies included Intention to Treat (ITT), Per Protocol and Per Treatment. Regression analysis was performed to assess the presence of statistical association between the intervention received and the student scores (p<0.05). Results: Base on ITT analysis, the mean score of tooth preparation acquired by students was 17.81 ± 1.60 in the intervention and 16.76 ± 1.79 in the control group. The mean score of students in the intervention group was significantly higher than that of control subjects (p=0.009). Conclusions: It can be concluded that education by Facebook as an adjunct to traditional instruction can significantly improve the student scores. Sex had no significant effect on the effectiveness of this intervention. 44% students became the members of Facebook.