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Does Psychological Causes of Drug Addiction have Significant Role in Adoption of Criminal Behavior?

Fazal Hanan, Asad Ullah and Mussawar Shah

The chief objective of this research study was to find out major causes of drug addiction with special reference to adoption of criminal behavior in Peshawar city, Pakistan with main focus on drug addicts admitted in rehabilitation centers run by Dost Welfare Foundation as the universe. A total of 108 respondents were randomly selected from the universe. Psychological causes were tested using Chai square test to associate causes of drug addiction with adoption of criminal behavior. Chai square results reveal a highly significant (P=0.020) relationship between psychological cause feeling more self esteem using drug and criminal behavior was found. Moreover the relationship between cause using drugs to improve sexual potential and criminal behavior was found highly significant (P=0.000). Also a highly significant (P=0.000) relationship was established between addiction due to removing inferiority complex and criminal behavior. Similarly a highly significant (P=0.007) relationship was found between drug addiction cause failure in love and criminal behavior. Furthermore relationship between cause addiction due to loneliness and criminal behavior was found significant (P=0.013). The relationship between drug addiction cause curiosity and criminal behavior was also found highly significant (P=0.001). A range of guidelines on reducing causes of drug addiction at family and societal level by adopting socio-psychological and economic measures, besides strict law enforcement and awareness raising at all levels were the derived policy recommendation of the studies.