Global Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences
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Does Drug Addiction have Economic Effects on the Family of Addicts?

Fazal Hanan, Asad Ullah and Mussawar Shah

The chief objective of this research study was to assess the socio-economic effects of drug use on the families of addicts in Peshawar city, Pakistan with main focus on drug addicts admitted in rehabilitation centers run by Dost Welfare Foundation as the universe. A total of 108 respondents were randomly selected from the universe. Eight hypotheses were tested using paired t-test to analyze the economic effects of drug use before and after drug addiction. T-test results reveal a highly significant (P=0.000) decrease in number of dependents on income of drug addicts, highly significant (P=0.000) decrease in monthly income of drug addicts, a highly significant (P=0.000) decrease in amount given to family each month after drug addiction. Moreover a highly significant increase (P=0.000) in amount spent on purchase of drugs after drug addiction was found, similarly a significant (P=0.038) increase was detected in loan taken from friends and a significant (P=0.015) increase in amount spent on treatment of severe diseases after drug addiction. A range of guidelines on reducing causes of drug addiction at family and societal level by adopting socio-psychological and economic measures, besides strict law enforcement and awareness raising at all levels were the derived policy recommendation of the studies.