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Journal of Aquaculture Research & Development
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Distribution of Fin-fish Eggs and Larvae from Point Calimere and Muthupettai, South East Coast of India

Srilatha G, Mayavu P, Varadharajan D and Chamundeeswari K

Eggs and larvae of the fishes are known as Ichthyoplankton. Mostly, the eggs are a planktonic and they cannot swim effectively and drift with the ocean currents. A fish larva is a part of zooplankton there consumes small organisms. It is a bio-indicator of an aquatic ecosystem. In the present study, totally 748/100 m3 fish eggs were collected from both the stations of Point Calimere and Muthupettai. The finfish eggs were recorded maximum in 18/100 m3 and 24/100 m3 at station I and II and the larvae were recorded maximum in 8/100 m3 and 12/100 m3 at station I and II respectively. When compare two sampling station the maximum of fish eggs and larvae were observed station I than there other station. Sensitive development stages of the fish, like egg and larvae which can affect mainly on predatory problem, environmental parameters and manmade activities. The true diversity date is need for the species conservation and maintenance.