Journal of Membrane Science & Technology

Journal of Membrane Science & Technology
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Developments on Monovalent Anion-Selective Membranes (MASMs): A Mini-review of our Recent Contributions

Junbin Liao, Xing Gao, Xinyan Yu, Huimin Ruan, Jun Li, Jiangnan Shen* and Congjie Gao

Ion Exchange Membrane (IEM)-based Electrodialysis (ED), as one of the most promising separation techniques,
plays a vital role in industrial separation. In particular, for special mono-/multivalent anion separation process in
practical industries or academic explorations, highly ion-selective membranes for ED applications is critical but
challengeable. To further understand the advances of this specific technique, herein, we have summarized our
recent contributions on Monovalent Anion-Selective Membranes (MASMs) fabricated in our research group through:
(1) Surface modification on commercial Anion Exchange Membrane (AEM)
(2) Micro-phase structure regulation of homogeneous AEM. We have also discussed the advantages and
disadvantages with respect to some specific cases in detail and the future perspectives of MASMs