Journal of Food Processing & Technology

Journal of Food Processing & Technology
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Development and Evaluation of Long Shelf-Life Ambient Stable Chapaties Without The Use of Chemical Preservatives

Mohammed Ayub Khan, Anil Dutt Semwal, Gopal Kumar Sharma, Chitrashekarchar Mahesh, Subbappa Nataraj, Kadaba AnantharamanSrihari and Amrinder Singh Bawa

Convenient, ready-to consume thermally processed chapaties with natural sensory attributes were developed. Chapaties were packed in indigenously developed retortable pouches and processed in an air-steam retort. The time-temperature history was recorded during heat processing using an Ellab data cum F o recorder . The total processing time was 20min with a F o value of 3.0. Chapaties remained stable and acceptable even after storage for one year under ambient temperature (15-35°C) conditions. During storage, chemical parameters like peroxide, thiobarbituric acid and free fatty acid values increased with concomitant decrease in sensory score. After 12 months of storage, the overall acceptability score of chapaties decreased significantly (p≤0.05) from 8.5 to 7.2 on a 9 point hedonic scale with an increase in peroxide and free fatty acid values from 4.94 to 15.10 meqO 2 /kg fat and 0.46 to 1.79 % oleic acid respectively. Microbiologically chapaties were found to be safe during entire period of storage.