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Determination of Organizational Learning Based on Aspects of Education Organization Structure of Guilan

Zahra Namvar Arbani and Mohammad hadi Asgari

This research aims to study the relationship between organization structures and organizational learning of Guilan education organization. Statistic population include all personnel of Rasht education organization (region 1), Somesara, Lahijan and Langerood (265 individuals). According to no of variables, sample volume includes 150 individuals but 120 completed questionnaires selected via cluster sampling. Data gathering tools include: Organizational structure aspects questionnaire (27 questions) and Organizational Learning questionnaire (31 questions). Kronbach Alpha coefficient for organizational structure aspects and organizational learning questionnaires was 0.812 and 0.925, respectively. Data was analyzed via multiple regression analyze and Pierson coefficient tests. Results show that: there is a relationship between organizational structure aspects and education organization learning. There is a meaningful relation between components of organizational structure aspects (concentration, complexity, formality and flexibility) and among these components, concentration is the best predictor one.