Global Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences
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ISSN: 2319-8834


Determinants of Violence against Women and Girls in Mutare Urban, Zimbabwe

Festus Mukanangana, Oliver Gore and Collet Muza

Violence against women and girls is determined by various factors that are culturally accepted regardless of the negative consequences that ensue. The study was done in Mutare Urban using qualitative research methods with women in the reproductive age range being the target group. The study noted that physical abuse, sexual violence and emotional/psychological abuse are determined primarily by a culture of silence that is deeply embedded in patriarchal societies. Socio-cultural factors, religious beliefs, economic and policy implementation problems underlie a culture of silence that succeeds amongst the victims of violence. The study recommends economic empowerment of women and provision of information, education, communication and counselling with regards to the determinants of violence against women and girls to both males and females in communities. There is need for education about grievance processes and scaling up of policy implementation for the purpose of controlling violence that is perpetrated against women and girls.