Journal of Applied Mechanical Engineering

Journal of Applied Mechanical Engineering
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Designing a Bi-objective Integrating Mathematical Model for Dynamic Sustainable Cellular Manufacturing Systems Considering Production Planning

Ghodsi R, Mostafayi S, Mansouri Z and Bakhtiari M

Increasing the profits of producers solely or alternatively minimizing production costs for manufacturers were considered in classical models for planning and designing cellular manufacturing systems. Provided that, with the expansion of manufacturing systems and the increasing demand for products, devastating effects of increasing levels of greenhouse gases on the environment has become more evident and has gained the attention of governments. Besides, the satisfaction of workers’ working conditions, sound pollution and other issues, are vital to establish a sustainable manufacturing system. In this paper, a multi-objective mathematical model (linear/nonlinear) is presented to create stable cellular manufacturing system regarding to mentioned matters in order to minimize the costs of system establishment in addition to optimizing the environmental impacts of the manufacturing system. This model is introduced as a stable cellular manufacturing system (SCMS) and in fact is seeking for a solution to create a manufacturing system in which all factors such as producers, the environment, workers and other are beneficiaries. Also, Epsilon Constraint/LP metric/Pareto Front multi-objective approach given the weights of objectives is used to solve the model.