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Journal of Allergy & Therapy
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Dermatological Aspects of a Humanitarian Mission

Róbert Késmárszky, Anna Jakkel and György Szabó

Background: Patients with dermatological patholgies represent an important population, especially in developing countries. The cosmetological aspects are important. Objective: To determine the incidence and epidemiology of skin diseases during a humanitarian mission. Methods: 679 patients who presented to our general medical consultations were examined. Patient data was registered to be analyzed retrospectively. The rare and difficult cases were systematically discussed during the consultation. The patient charts were correlated by the corresponding photos. Results: The ethnic origin of the patients was different. The majority of our patients were younger than 50 years old. The dermatological problems represented a major motivation to consult, namely itching and skin lesions. The incidence was higher when secondary findings and complaints were also considered. Besides scabies, mycosis and tropical pathologies, the problems of scarring represented a major cosmetological demand. Conclusion: Our work demonstrated a high incidence of dermatological pathologies showing the importance of public health issues, screening and an important need of cosmetological treatments. Due to migration, climatic changes and humanitarian missions, the manifestation and occurrence of the dermatological pathologies may be different. Health care providers need a thorough knowledge of community acquired and tropical pathologies.