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Copyright in Light of Effective Access to Research Information in Digital Era

Eness M. Miyanda Chitumbo

Introduction: Information forms the foundation of every human activity. People can only make right decisions and participate in national development activities if they have access to relevant information. But how can information be made available in the light of copyright? Objectives: To examined the effectiveness of copyright in addressing interests of rights holders on one hand and information users (Public) on the other. Methods: This was a literature review. The methods of research involved consultation of literature done by different experts. Findings: The study established that copyright is meant to serve the interests of rights owners where “fair use” is to enable authors distribute or sell their work for financial and moral benefits. However, exceptions in the digital environment have been affected by TPMs. To this effect the study recommends the consideration of existing and more exceptions in digital era, Government documents to be in public domain, and promotion of FOSS and open access publishing