Contemporary Strategic Contexts in Mass Media Activity | Abstract

Global Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences
Open Access

ISSN: 2319-8834


Contemporary Strategic Contexts in Mass Media Activity

Maria Komova

This article considers the current problem of investigation and formation of contemporary strategic contexts in Mass Media activity. Our total research presents the dominant problem of the relationship of media practices and technology synergistically as a cultural phenomenon, the ultimate goals which can be achieved by using a specific menu of strategies. Development and implementation of journalism as a managerial phenomenon is of particular practical importance, which can hardly be compared with any other kind of intellectual responsibility to society, and this makes it to the kind of management - that's what makes the position of the phenomenon of journalism at the administrative phenomenon. However, the tactics of the specific media strategy plays the role of an operating entity of influence synergistically and technological culture. In the context of journalism tactics of control depends on the "scope" The main division is in two dimensions: future challenges and current tasks. The tactics of the specific media strategy should not be at the same time more complex than the strategy itself, otherwise lost informative elements that are in the forefront in the implementation of impact on the audience. In the application of a systematic approach to the development of problems of transformation of journalism practice will be able to construct a complete model of the journalistic sense- specific - the structure- intellectual ideas that: promotes the formation and strengthening of certain craft framework; leads to the formation of a stable self-organization, and then - the organizational intellectual group; determines the selection of the group pre-selection strategies identified by the dynamics of confrontation in the inter-group level. Media strategy is a manifestation of the level of support specific interests not only at this stage of certain social relations. We outline the future trends, strategic window, the resources for the implementation of plans, self-organization and mobility - the characteristics of strategic media players. Media strategy - is permissible model of journalistic competence in the context of the orientation of the media on social practice


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