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Consumer Acceptance Towards Organic Food

Mohamed Bilal Basha, Cordelia Mason, Mohd Farid Shamsudin, Hafezali Iqbal Hussain, Milad Abdelnabi Salem, Azlan Ali

Consumer, nowadays are more concern about food safety. Policymakers at the same time putting more attention towards the concern and changing in the consumer behavior. Such awareness has influenced the pattern of food purchasing (Buzby, 2001). That aspect has been the expansion of demand for organically grown food, and is rapidly gaining ground in many parts of the world (Willer & Yussefi, 2004). Recently, there have been significant changes in the attitude of consumers towards food safety, environmental concern and also organic food products. Organic agriculture not only preserves the environment, but also has less harmful substances and improves health, bringing significant benefits. The interest of consumers and public institutions in organically-produced foods has increased globally.