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Journal of Aquaculture Research & Development
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Comparison of Growth Performance of ‘Common Catfish Ameiurus melas, Rafinesque1820’, Reared in Pond and in Recirculating Aquaculture System

Alessandra Roncarati, Oliviero Mordenti, Luca Stocchi and Paolo Melotti

A trial was conducted to evaluate the growth performance and survival of common catfish, Ameiurus melas. A total of 54,420 catfish juveniles (5.1 ± 1.2 g; 6 ± 1 cm) were reared in two groups: PN group, represented by 3-1,000 m2 ponds; RC group composed by 3-2 m3 indoor tanks working in closed recirculated system. In these two groups, catfish were reared at two different densities (PN=15 fish m3; RC=1,570 fish m3) for 181 days. The main water physico-chemical parameters were monitored and the main blood metabolites and growth performances were evaluated. Catfish exhibited a final mean body weight similar in the two groups (PN=142.7 ± 30 g; RC=151.5 ± 34 g). The survival rate was high for both PN (86.6%) and RC (99%). A very high stocking density was reached in the RC system (235.5 kgm3). The presence of multi-trays in the RC tanks may be helped the specimens to reduce aggressiviness and territorial competition as demonstrated by blood metabolites which did not affect by rearing conditions. This trial showed that common catfish can be successfully cultured in indoor systems without negatively affecting productive performances (growth and survival) and the natural resources.